Think Globally.

Go re-insurance

The Market

Risk buyers and risk sellers are both our clients.

We trade and advise on risk. Our emphasis is on risk appetite, risk mitigation, risk pricing, risk diversification. Companies seeking such service, are our clients. The size or market capitalization of a buyer is irrelevant; it is rather the type of risk and exposure that matters.

We understand the nature of the risks and the benefits of its diversification. This is the reason we work with the global insurance and reinsurance market to find solutions for our clients. We truly believe our business is global.

Depending on the type of risk and our client’s preferences, we are able to transact insurance programs with specialist markets in the UK, Europe, Singapore, New York, Miami, Australasia and Bermuda. Our ability and willingness to access local and global insurance hubs, enables us to secure the most favorable terms and conditions at the most competitive price.

Reinsurers act as insurers and reinsurers act as insurers. Both are in the business of assuming risk on the basis that through their ability to evaluate, build and manage a portfolio of risks, they can deliver a product which is of value to their clients and earn an appropriate return on shareholders capital. Because we see the market globally and interactive, whether supplier or customer, we are all buyers and sellers. The boundaries of insurance and reinsurance no longer exist, they all buy and sell capacity and offer a variety of services.

And, to some extent, we are all market players -competitors and partners- in a much wider financial industry.