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Marx Re Team

Oliver Marx

Managing Director

Direct Phone: +(49) 893835 6570

English, German & Spanish language

International manager with 20 years in insurance, re-insurance and broking in Latin America and Europe with focus on risk trading of insurance assets predominantly operational power generation and construction projects. Hands-on with clients to achieve commercial targets and taking leading role in complex claims.

Brian Byrnes

General Manager

Direct Phone: +(49) 8938956571

English & German language

Highly experienced insurance professional with 30+ years in the insurance and reinsurance industries. Focus on global, multi-national business mainly in the Industrial Property area. Lead multi-cultural teams and diverse portfolios in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Proven customer relations and marketing capabilities.

Mariano Mosel

Head of Claims / Manager Global Accounts

Direct Phone: +(49) 8938956571

English & German language

Lawyer (AUS) and claims expert with more than 8 years of experience in the insurance and legal industry. Strong background in the management of claims focused on achieving  the best commercial outcome for clients. Mariano holds a Juris Doctor degree, Master of International Law and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Maximiliano Alenik

Commercial Director Latin America

Direct Phone: +(49) 8938956571

English & Spanish language

Commercial Manager in Healthcare industry based in Latin America +15 years,  focused in developing insurance and reinsurance solutions for our clients in Latin America & Europe. Strong background in organizational and management knowledge developing  new business  opportunities in  the Latin America region.

Claudio Mazzini

Account & Client Services
English & Spanish

Experienced financial and customer service manager with extensive knowledge in financial accounting, compliance and control processes and procedures. Managed multidisciplinary and multi-cultural working teams in Argentina, Hong Kong and USA. Solid customer relations and financial skills.